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If It Hurts So Much, Why Do We Do It?

Amy doesn’t know just how she gets into these states.


According to the dictionary:

A Prayer

The tears I shed, I forgive.

Manual for Climbing Mountains

Choose the mountain you want to climb: don’t pay attention to what other people say.

What’s the Value of an Hour?

When I was 21 years old a gentleman asked me what I thought the value of an hour was.

The Power of Personal Initiative

Think of something you want to achieve that is really important to you.

The 15 Money Rules Kids Should Learn

It's a simple calculus, kids and money...

The Formula for Failure and Success

Failure is not a single,cataclysmic event.

Insult the Dead

A novice went to Abbot Macarius seeking advice about the best way to please the Lord.

15 Great Thoughts by Chanakya

1) "Learn from the mistakes of others...

Setting boundaries enhances your personal power

Do you keep agreeing to do tasks you don’t have time to do?

Learned Helplessness

The result of learned helplessness is often severe depression and extremely low self-esteem.


The worst part of being manipulated in a relationship is that quite often you don't even know it's happening.

If You Want Something

There is only one true way to get what you want: Ask.


One of my favorite tales of initiation is the biblical story of Jonah...

Killing Our Dreams

The first symptom of the process of our killing our dreams is the lack of time.

The Power of Determination

Taking action is essential if you want to achieve your goals, dreams and desires.

The gifts of Insult

Near Tokyo lived a great Samurai...

Identify Your Mistakes and Learn from them

There is no better way to learn how to succeed in business than to learn from mistakes—yours or someone else’s.

How to Think on Your Feet

I’ve already written about complacency and how it can ruin your chances for success.

Getting Knocked Down

We all get knocked down from time to time...

Change of Attitude

The story is told of a woman who...

History & Superstitions on Friday The 13th

Friday the 13th has many legends, folklore and history associated with it.

7 Steps to Successful Goal Setting

Only 3% of adults have clear, written, specific, measurable, time-bounded goals...

Peter and the Magic Thread

Peter was a very lively little boy. Everyone loved him: his family, his teachers and his friends. But he did have one weakness.

Instructions for Life

Remember that your character is your destiny.

On Self - Discipline

Self-discipline is a pattern of behaviour where you choose to do what you know you should do, rather than what you want to do.

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